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CUB Net Banking Login Page, Registration, Activation | City Union Bank

CUB Net Banking Login Page, Registration, Activation | City Union Bank:

CUB or City Union Bank was originally a regional bank in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu, and was then called the Kumbakonam Bank Limited. In 1904, it was incorporated as a limited company, and now records a huge revenue of INR 2,944.21 crore as in 2016. The bank has a staff strength of 4517 and offers efficient and professional banking services in the spheres of:

·         Retail Banking
·         Asset Management
·         Commercial Banking
·         Investment Banking
·         Forex
·         Mortgages

The bank has a wide network of 525 branches that are fully computerised, and 1292 ATMs, found throughout the country. In December of 2006, 10 % share of the bank was purchased by the company Larsen and Toubro (L&T).

CUB Net Banking:

To get CUB net banking, you have to be either

  • a current account holder
  • ODCC account holder

How to get CUB Net banking login?

  • Go to the branch in which you have your main account and get the necessary forms.
  • Fill the application form and submit it to the branch.
  • The branch will verify the form and activate your net banking. 
  • You will get login password and transaction password mailers to your address.
  • You have to change the login password and transaction password once you get the login password and transaction password from the bank.

How to check the status of CUB internet banking activation status?

Go to the branch and check for the status if you have not received any mailer regarding your City Union Bank internet banking activation.

How to know the CUB customer id | City Union Bank customer id ?

It is the user id which is mentioned in the net banking application form. It is the unique user id for every customer who uses net banking.

City Union Bank has recently done a total revamping of its online presence. The banking services online are now available at www.cityunionbank.com, which is also the bank’s official website. The new site moves several steps ahead in providing the best services to the customers. The ease of use and convenience has made CUB Online a very popular option. New features have been added to extend better helping hands to the customers. The virtual banking services are also available at www.onlinecub.net.

CUB net banking login page

As you log on to the online banking site of City Union Bank, you get 2 options under CUB Net Banking:

·         Personal
·         Corporate
As you click on personal, you are asked to feed in the user ID and password that you may obtain from the branch. You must remember a word of caution while operating the bank from your mobile or computer – City Union Bank will never ask you to divulge your personal details like the account number, login ID, password, your credit or debit card numbers etc. over the phone or email. You must always verify the source or sender before exploiting any new and strange looking email messages or mobile messages.

What Can You Do or Get From CUB Net Banking?

With CUB Net, you can get secured access to your bank account with City Union Bank and perform all such operations for which previously you needed to visit your branch, stand in a long queue, enter into arguments with the bank staff, convince the manager why you needed something, and so on. What you now need is only an internet connection and a device like a mobile, a tab or a laptop that can have access to the internet.

The services that you can get from CUB Online include:
       Taking a look at your account statement for any period
·         Finding your account balance on any particular date
·         Download account statement and take printouts
·         Verify the status of cheques that are yet unrealised and have been sent for collection
·         Details of inward bills that are received by the account for collection
·         You can transfer funds to any CUB branch anywhere in the country.
·         You can also transfer funds to any beneficiary account in any CUB branch
·         You can use RTGS or NEFT to transfer funds to other bank branches.
·         You can pay the utility bills with the help of the CUB online account
·         You can pay at ecommerce sites while doing online shopping.
·         You can issue standing instructions for monthly deduction of a certain amount of money.
·         You may request the issue of a cheque book through the internet banking facility.

Advantages of Net Banking Over Conventional Banking:

Net banking is most preferred by people all over the world due to its convenience. You can now bank anytime and anywhere that you want. You do not need to visit the branch or wait for the banking hours for most of the transactions. You can complete your work while sitting in the comfort of your living room or convenience of your office.

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