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Indian Bank Internet Banking - How to register and activate net banking in Indian Bank

Indian Bank Internet Banking - How to register and activate net banking in Indian Bank?

Established in 1907, Indian Bank is an undertaking of the Government of West Bengal and is a leading Public Sector bank in India. Serving the country’s millions through its 2682 branches in various parts of the country, and also the international community with overseas branches in Colombo and Singapore, Indian Bank has recorded a net profit of INR 1405.68 crores as of 31.03.2017. all its branches have core banking solution. There are 20924 competent staff in the various branches, always willing to help you out.

Indian Bank has diversified its business beyond the banking sector in various areas including the introduction of 2 subsidiary companies:

®    IndBank Housing Ltd.
®    IndBank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.

Internet Banking: The Friend and the Devil:

The evolution of online banking has made the life easier for millions of bank customers in every bank across the world. The more convenient it becomes for the customer to handle and operate his bank account, more is the frequency with which he is going to indulge in banking and the better is the financial life and operations of the banks. However, in developing countries like India, internet banking is still quite far from reaching the masses. But the progress is spectacular. So, although internet banking is far from becoming even a close substitute of the conventional brick – and – mortar banks, yet it is worthwhile to know how netbanking is benefitting us and what are the possible threats.

Ø  Internet banking is too convenient – All you need is an internet connection. The entire range of a bank’s services is at your disposal, just waiting for the click of a mouse. Banking has become much more efficient and faster as a result.
Ø  Internet banking offers all the services of the bank, which can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office and also on the go. The websites of the leading banks offer a number of add - on services as well, like online tax payment, online bill settlement , loan calculators and so on.
Ø  Internet banking has now been extended to include mobile capabilities now. The only requirements are a smart phone and an internet connection. All you need to do is download the app or visit the bank’s website.

If you bank upon internet exclusively for all your banking needs, then you may face some drawbacks like:

Ø  Lack of personal relationship with the bank. This means you do not have the comfort of approaching your bank’s manager for some special service.
Ø  Depending entirely on machine - controlled transactions may lead to tremendous inconvenience if you are in the middle of an emergency and the server or the link or your internet or your device stops working.
Ø  Security is a big issue, though with the passage of time, the banks are paying a great deal of attention to safeguard themselves and their customers’ accounts from pilferage. Yet security problems like phishing, malware, hacking etc. are quite rampant.

Internet Banking Under Indian Bank  - An Easy Way To Take control of Your Financial Life:

For activating the net – banking services of the Indian Bank, you have to follow the easy steps as given below:

§  The first thing that you need to remember is that you can access Ind Netbanking only if you are having a savings or current account with the Indian Bank.

§  Please follow the following steps for using banking services from the convenience of your living room.
o   Log on to the official website of the bank https://www.indianbank.net.in
o   Use your unique ID and password to log in to your account
o   Now you have your entire account details in front of you. You can look at the statement of account, transfer funds to any other account in Indian Bank
o   Use the NEFT or RTGS facilities to transfer funds to others’ accounts
All these services are available free of cost.

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