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IOB Net Banking Login Page

IOB Net Banking Login Page:

One of the leading banks in the country is the Indian Overseas Bank or IOB as it is popularly known in short. This back offers its customers with online banking services for easy and convenient banking. Using this facility can help to save time and also ensure quicker transactions. If you are a customer of IOB, then you can get access to iob net banking 24/7*365 and make transactions with great ease.

If you have already registered for iob net banking and have a login and password, you can go ahead to IOB Net banking login page - www.iobnet.co.in

If you are looking for a help regarding iob net banking registration, application form and activation, read on.

Services offered:

There are several services rendered through iob net banking login like:
  • You can know the last few transactions in your account
  • You can do balance enquiry
  • You can retrieve your Account Statement
  • The status of the Cheque Paid by you to someone else
  • You can request fresh Cheque Book through iob net banking.
  • Scheduling Credit Card Payments can be done through iob net banking login.
  • Scheduling fund transfers can be done easily through iob bank net baking.
  • Transferring money to bank accounts is easy now(in IOB or outside it).
  • You can pay your direct taxes and indirect taxes
  • You can also pay your utility bills such as mobile, insurance, etc from the comfort of your home by visiting iob net banking login page.
  • Provision for Loan instalment / recurring deposit payments, and much more.

IOB Net Banking Login Page

IOB Net banking activation - How to register for iob net banking?

  • Current /Savings account holders
  • Proprietary firms
  • Loan / Deposit account holders
  • Partnership companies
  • HUFs, etc.

Steps to register for the IOB net banking:

Step 1 –
  • Enter the site iob net banking page - www.iobnet.co.in.
  • Next, click ‘Register' button under the Individual Login button in case, you have an individual account. Or else go for Register button under Corporate Login button.
  • A page will be displayed where you have to enter the below details.

  1. Login id which you want to use as your login id for iob net banking login. Once you type the login id, you will be able to see messages stating whether the login id you have chosen is okay like data should contain both alphabets and number and the login id should not be less than 6 characters in length. This will be the login id which you have to use every time you log into the iob net banking login page.
  2. Password  - choose a strong password. Once you type the password, you will be able to see messages stating whether the password you have chosen is okay like data should contain both alphabets and number and the password should not be less than 8 characters in length.This will be the password which you have to use every time you log into the iob net banking login page.
  3. Reenter the same password as above to confirm your password.
  4. Next, you have to enter personal particulars like Salutation(Mr/Ms/Dr), your First Name, your Middle Name(optional), your Last Name, Resident status(Resident Indian/NonResident), country, email id and mobile number.
  5. Enter your account details like your 15 digit iob account number, nickname, funds transfer option. The account number will be verified as soon as you enter your account number in the particular field. You will be able to proceed only if it is a valid account number.

  • Click on 'Submit' button and  the displayed application form should be submitted in your to your respective branch.
  • For activating internet banking, active e-mail id. is necessary.
  • The PIN number has to be noted down and used for every type of Funds transfer transactions. (This is strictly not to be shared with any other person since they are crucial and confidential).
  • Your branch upon receiving your application would retrieve and activate the account immediately.
  • If you have missed taking the printout, you can download the application form from here - https://www.iobnet.co.in/regform.pdf. Write the same information as given while registering online. Submit the filled form in the branch and your data will be verified and your iob net banking login will be activated upon verification.
  • Activation of registration will be intimated to your email id which you have given in the application form.

  • Use your secret password for logging into the iob net banking page to start transactions.
  • You are to remember that passwords are all case sensitive (this effectively means a is quite different from that of A)
  • Transaction PIN and login password are again different, where you have to use the password for logging in, including PIN for transferring funds.
  • When entering passwords, exhibit precaution and do slowly. Otherwise, entering wrong passwords consecutively is likely to result in your online account getting blocked instantly. For unlocking it, you are to visit your branch, fill up a form again for providing fresh Pin and unblocking your iob net banking account. Although it may seem to be a cumbersome procedure, this is indeed safe for your financial health.
  • Account activation:
    Once the application is received from your end, your account would be activated by the branch. After activation of your account, the bank will send an e-mail informing your account activation status. In case, the account does not get activated after having the application submitted to the branch, mail your account details to eseeadm@iobnet.co.in or call up the concerned department number at 044-28519460/28889350.

Multiple login Concept:

If you have not logged out properly after using iob net banking the last time, then an additional OTP would be prompted as you login into to it the next time. Your registered mobile number would be sent with an OTP by the bank for additional security measures.

Checking balance enquiry through IOB net banking - How to check balance in iob net banking:

Through iob net banking, you can have a view of your account balance without any hassle. For doing so, you need to use the following steps.
  • For checking account balance, simply log in to IBO net banking login page using your given login id and the secret password.
  • Now select accounts – available balance, balance enquiry and current account balance would be displayed clearly.
The above are few of the steps by which you can register with IOB Netbanking and start enjoying the facilities offered by this esteemed bank and know the balance of your account or carry out transactions from your laptop, desktop or mobile phone, at your own convenience and comfort.

You can lodge your complaints in both in www.iob.in and www.iobnet.co.in.

Never share the following details with anyone.

  • Internet Banking Login ID
  • Password, PIN
  • Debit card / Credit card Number, PIN, CVV, Verify by Visa password
  • Account number, Customer ID, Email-Id, Email Password, Mobile Number through any Email, Phone call, Website or Mobile App.

Hope the article on 'IOB Net Banking Login Page' useful for you. Please let us know if you need any help.

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