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SBI Car Loan Status

 SBI Car Loan Status:

Sbi bank offers many types of loan that suits the need of people in order for them to achieve their dreams which also suits their monthly income. There are many offers available for each type of loans such as low-interest rate, low processing fees, and longer tenure. If you want to avail a loan, look into the offers that are available and there are options for calculating the EMI and get to know the calculations according to your income for the loan to be availed before opting for it.

SBI Car Loan Status - How to check the status of the SBI Car loan online?

Once the application for SBI Car loan is submitted by you, it will be processed after verifying the supporting documents that have been submitted.

Option 1 - Check SBI Car Loan status online:

The screenshot to check the SBI Car loan status is given below.

SBI Car Loan Status

Step 1 - You can also check the applied car loan status using the following link - https://www.sbi.co.in/user.htm?action=sbilosstatus

Step 2 - You need to select the type of loan that is been availed. To check the SBI car loan status, you need to select the car loan.

Step 3 - you should enter loan application id and the date of birth of the applicant and finally the captcha being displayed on the screen currently. Then you need to click the submit button to get the SBI car loan status that has been availed.

Option 2 - Check SBI Car Loan status directly by visiting the branch:

You can also visit the nearby SBI branch to get to know the applied car loan status by filling the details such as applicant id, date of birth, registered mobile number, registered email id in the provided form. 

The banker will verify the details being filled by the applicant and once verified he will provide the status of the SBI car loan that has been applied. 

Option 3 - Check SBI Car Loan status by calling SBI Customer Care:

SBI Car Loan status can also be retrieved by calling the SBI customer care representative who is available 24/7 by providing the details such as name, applicant id, date of birth, billing address, mobile number etc. 

The customer care representative will provide you the SBI car loan status after verifying the details provided by you.  

SBI Car Loan Online Application - How to apply for SBI Car loan online?

There are many types of loan available such as car loan, gold loan, education loan, personal loan, loan against property etc. If you want to avail car loan please login to the SBI bank’s official website mentioned below.

SBI Login Page - www.onlinesbi.com.

It will take you to the home screen and there you can find many options such as personal banking, agricultural or rural banking, corporate banking and services.

You need to click the personal banking and then you need to click the personal finance option that is being displayed in the right side of this page. Then various types of loan that is being offered will be displayed. 

You need to click the car loan option and once you click it you will be shown another page that displays calculate EMI which allow you to calculate the EMI need to be paid for the loan to be availed and check eligibility which displays the eligibility criteria to avail the car loan and next it shows apply now online button. 

You can click the apply now online button and then you will be redirected to application form page where you need to click the appropriate radio button as either you have existing relationship with this bank such as salary account, loan account etc or whether is it a new loan account and then corresponding fields need to be entered. 

Then you need to click the get loan quote once you have filled all the requested details such as the purpose of the loan, car make, car model, date of birth, gender, resident type, income details, mobile number and email id. Then you will be redirected to the loan offered according to your income and then you need to fill the details to complete the application.

You need to submit the supporting documents along with the online application form for faster approval.

Hope you find the article SBI Car Loan Status is useful for you to check the SBI car loan status easily.

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