SBI Home Loan Status Online Tracking

How to check SBI Home Loan Status online - Track SBI Home loan online:

State bank of India is one of the largest public sector bank which is a government owned corporation with its headquarters in Mumbai. This bank is established in the idea for the welfare of the people and it is a nonprofit organization which is focuses more on the people welfare than on its investments. They are involved in many welfare activities conducted for the people. SBI bank is actively involved since 1973 and it believes that it works should be concentrated more than banking because they touch the lives of people anywhere in many ways. SBI has more than 2 lakhs employees and it is getting very close to 3 lakh employees.  It has more than 14,000 branches in India. It also has more than 190 foreign branches across countries.  It is one of the largest public sector and financial services company in India. SBI home loans are quite popular among Indians. Checking sbi home loan status is not very complex. It is very easy to check SBI home loan status online in their official portal for checking the loan status.

How to check SBI Home Loan Status online - Track SBI Home loan online:

Step 1:

The users can easily check their SBI home loan status using the below link,

First, visit the above link which is the official SBI web page for checking the SBI home loan status.

Then you  need to select the type of loan under loan product, LOS application id, date of birth in ddmmyyyy format, captcha that is being displayed and the user should finally click the submit button to get the home loan status.

Step 2:

In the loan product dropdown, there will be many options like auto loan, education loan, home loan, personal loan and two wheeler loan.

You have to select 'home loan' option in the dropdown.

Step 3:

Then enter the LOS application id.

Screenshot of the same is given below,

SBI Home Loan Status

Step 4:

Then select the date of birth. Select the date, month and year from the dropdown. The first option is date. Then month dropdown field is there followed by year.

Step 5:

Enter the string shown in the image in the text field that is located next to the string. This is for verifying that the action is from a human and not from a bot. If you cannot see the image, press F5 to refresh the page.

Step 6:

Click on the 'Submit' button to check the sbi home loan status online.

SBI bank has an online portal where the users can access this site anywhere any time at the ease of their customer. The customer can use this portal to access and to get to know the various facilities and services that are available in this portal. In order to access the below link the users should create an online banking account using their user name and temporary password given in the toolkit. First time users should first get registered by clicking the link new user registration where the user will be redirected to another page and the user is prompted enter details such as account number, CIF number, branch code, country, registered mobile number, facility required, the captcha that is being displayed currently in the screen. The user should finally click the submit button after entering either all the fields or mandatory fields. Once registered the user can login using their user name and password and the user should click the login button to login to either personal banking or corporate banking accordingly.

If the user forgets the user name then the user can choose the option such as forgot username where the user will be prompted to enter CIF number, country, INB registered mobile number, captcha being displayed and the user should click the submit button to retrieve the user name. If the user forgets the password then the user need to click forgot login password link where the user will be prompted to enter the user name, account number, country, mobile number that is registered, date of birth and the captcha being displayed and the user should finally click the submit to reset the password.
Once the user login using their user name and password the customer can access the banking services that are available under tabs such as services, corporate website, mobile/DTH recharge etc.
SBI has decided to give high priority to home loans which provides its customers home loan with low interest rates, low processing charges and there is also no hidden or administrative costs where the user can also pre pay the loan whenever they have surplus amount of money. The user can use the below link to know the home loan facilities that are provided in the bank portal such as products, fees, interest rates, repayment, terms and conditions etc.

The user can either go to the nearest SBI branch and speak with branch head to know about the home loan options and details associated with it and they can fill the application form and they can submit the same for approval along with the necessary documents or they can download the application form under home loan tab available in the below link and they can file the form with nearest branch of the city along with documents and credentials.,1,20,115

The user can check the home loan status by login to the following sbi link using the user name and password. The user should then click the submit button to login and the user should click the enquiries tab to check the home loan status. The user should click the housing loan interest certificate which shows the current interest rate application on home loan and also the status of the home loan application

The users can also check the status of the home loan by contacting the SBI helpline by verifying your name, address and permanent account number. The customer care representative will check and update you the SBI home loan status.

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