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Quicken Loan Login and Payment

Quicken loan Login – How to apply for Quicken Loan:

When it comes to mortgage, people have an in secured feeling that their details are lend out to third parties. The lender usually pass the details to other mortgage provider which leads to loss of faith, hence people usually prefer meeting the lender directly. Only few lenders takes the process with utmost trust and deal with the customers directly without leaking any information about them. 

Quicken Loan is a mortgage lending company that operates in an upfront manner. This company is head quartered in Michigan. The popularity of this firm has gained a lot of trust among the customers and they carry out the transactions online because they do not let out the customer information in any way. 

Being the second largest retail lender in US this concern has gained the attention of privacy minded customers. These days Quicken loan has gained a lot of reputation among people for its valued service and proper processing methodology. Quicken Loan offers a very convenient method of processing application for the loan.

Quicken Loan Login - How to do to Quicken loan Login?

Quicken loan has created a tool called MyQL where you can access your account and make payments.

1. Visit the website https://www.myql.com/, if you have already registered, enter the username and password and click on the 'Submit button' to login to your quicken loan account. Quicken loan login is done and you can access the account.

2. In case if you have forgotten your password then click on “Forgot Password”. Now enter the email address, and select from the drop down list if you have forgotten password, username or both. Click on “Send email” An email will be sent to you with the new login credentials.

3. If you are a new user click on Create account.

4. Enter your QL account number, and click on 'Continue to step 2' button.
Quicken Loan Login

5. Verify your personal information, email address and then check your email. You will receive the username and password to login MyQL. You will be able to access your account and make payments.

The best part of MyQL is that it is also available as MyQL app for android and I- phone. This app also requires username and password in order to login the account, make payments and have a track of your transactions.

How to apply for loan in Quicken loan?

2. Click on Refinance or purchase, Now enter the mortgage goal and other details. If you have selected refinance option, it may ask you for the loan amount required and the value of the property. If you have selected purchase option, enter the details such as your lease expiry date and month, are you currently renting, and in which state you are buying the property then click on next.

3. It will ask you to enter the estimated down payment, purchase price, and credit rate. Click on next.

4. Enter the other details such as name, postal code, email address, phone number, and click on submit.
A good news pops up that you are eligible for the loan, click on “Continue”.

5. Now enter the details name, date of birth, social security number, address, zip and country and click on “Submit your information”

Once you submit your information the company verifies the income and the asset information to make sure they are not lending more than the property value. 

Your loan will then be approved. You can also call the customer service number (800) 251-9080 in order to apply for the loan. The representative will ask you for all the information and process the loan after verification.

Quicken Loan Customer care:

Quicken Loan customer care number - (800) 410-2199.


Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET 
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

Some of the interesting things about Quicken Loan:

  • America’s largest online lender according to National Mortgage News. 
  • They ahve helped over 2 million American families finance their homes.
  • They got over 31 years under our belt providing world-class client service as a direct lender.
  • They have closed more than $140 billion in mortgage loans in 2013 and 2014.
  • Their technology and service make your mortgage experience simple.
  • They have industry-leading online tools that offer ease, speed and insight.
  • They have facilities like online chat, mortgage approvals in minutes, signing documents online.
  • They have many powerful online tools, like MyQL Mobile, that allow to close your loan quickly. 
  • MyQL Mobile is available on iPhone and Android and  is exclusive to Quicken Loans clients.

Quicken Loan payment options  - How to pay Quicken loan?

Online option:

You can use MyQL in order to make your mortgage payment. You can also use MyQL to set up recurring payments.

Mobile App:

MyQL Mobile app lets you make your Quickenloan payment on your phone just as you do Quicken loan payment on the MyQL website. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


You can make your mortgage payment over the phone using interactive voice response after claling 800-646-2133. Have your loan number and bank account and routing numbers handy.

Hope this article has given you all the information about Quicken Loans, how to apply for loan and how to use the MyQL tool in web and mobile application for Quicken Loan Login. If you find this article outdated or need a correction, please drop it in the comment section. Thank you!

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