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Loandepot Login and Payment

Loandepot Login and Loandepot payment:

We need money for everything. Right from buying a pin to plane nothing can be done without money. The thing which our ancestors got at a low cost or for free is now available only at high prices. Who knows we can even be put into a situation where we need to pay for air and water in our next generations to come. We need instant money providers at the time of need. The company should be trust worthy and reliable. One of such company is the loan depot.

Loandepot, America’s non - banking private lender that provides finance for direct customers in the form of housing loans, refinance loans, personal loans and home equity products. Loan depot was started in the year 2010 generates loan production with the team of more than 5000 employees , 1500 plus licensed loan officer over 130 lending stores across the nation. The company operates with a principle of fair and ethical lending, with a customer centric strategy to quality service at the right time and easy closure methods.

How to apply for loan in Loandepot?

You can apply for loan easily in loan depot through online or by calling the customer care.

Enter the details given in the fields, please enter the loan amount that is required, loan purpose and select the residence type which you are currently in.

Then click on “Check your offers”. Checking your offers will not affect your credit rate.
Now you will get a form, fill in the form with name, address, date of birth, Income details, and click on “Check your offers”.

You might need to give social security number, bank account details, and employment details with valid proofs such as bank account statements , income statements etc in order to submit the application.

To apply for a loan you should be under 18 years of age, be a US citizen or a documented US resident, valid income, bank account and valid email address.

You can also apply for loan by calling 800-656-2606, you are eligible for the loan if you meet the credit score criteria set by the Loan depot.

Your application will be sent for verification. Once your loan is approved you will get the money transferred to the registered bank account within 2-3 business days.

Loan depot Login - How to do to Loandepot Login?

You can login to Loan Depot by visiting this website https://loandepot.loanadministration.com/.

If you already have an account enter the User ID and the password and hit “Sign in to account”. Be sure of your login credentials, if you enter it wrongly for more than 3 times your account will be blocked.

If you don’t have an account click on “Register User ID/password”. You will be taken to this page
Enter the user Id, password, loan number, Social security number, email address. Complete the registration by answering 3 security questions. And click on “Submit”.

Now you will be able to view your account details and make payment.

In case you have forgotten your user ID, you can click on “Forgot User Id” then enter the loan number, SSN/TIN number and the postal zip code to get your user Id.

You can also send the payment through mail. Send a cheque to the below given address mentioning your loan account number:

PO BOX 11733
Newark, NJ 07101-4733.

In case of any queries you can contact the customer service at 877-420-4526 Monday to Friday 8.30am – 8.00pm PST.

Loandepot Payment options:

Loandepot personal loan payment option:

Your payment will be automatically debited from the bank account of your choice. You can elect to make your payments by manual check. Processing manual checks is costly, so loanDepot charges a specific payment processing fee per payment on personal loans. 

There is no fee for automatic monthly payments (ACH). There is no charge fees for loan pre-payment or additional loan payments.

Loandepot Mortgage loan payment option:

Loandepot online payment option:

1. Register for online access at www.loandepot.loanadministration.com.
2. You can set up online payments after registering.

Loandepot payment by Mail option:

You can also mail your loandepot payment to the address below. You have to write your loan number on your check.)

P.O. Box 11733
Newark, NJ 07101-4733

Other Payment Options:

Other loandepot payment options include Automatic Draft or Budget Drafting payments.

To start this options, just call their  Customer Service Department at 877-420-4526 or email them at customerservice@loanadministration.com

If you choose to set up Automatic Draft or Budget Drafting payments, you have continue to make your regular monthly payment by mail or online until you receive notification that your new payment option is processed and becomes effective.
Hope this article would have provided you good information about how the Loan depot works, How to apply for a loan and the Loandepot login procedure to make the loandepot payment process.

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