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ICICI Personal Loan Application Status Online

ICICI Personal Loan Status Online:

Bank  Name - ICICI Bank
Instructions - How to apply for ICICI Personal Loan Application and How to check ICICI personal loan application status online.

Features of ICICI Bank Personal Loan Application:

  • Personal loan up-to 20 lakhs.
  • Interest rates from 11.49% onwards
  • Loan disbursal in 72 hours.
Note the features might vary from time to time. To know the current details and features, check the official website of ICICI Bank - https://loans.icicibank.com/personal-loan.html.

How to apply and check ICICI Personal Loan Application Status?

Although there are several banks in the country, it is ICICI bank that is considered to the best in the industry and also the leading private bank. This bank is favored by people all over the country for availing various financial facilities. This leading bank has many things to offer to its customers, ranging from credit cards to personal loans and lots of other things. The best part is that applying for the loans is very easy and the turnaround time to avail the loan amount is quick and easy.

How to apply for ICICI Bank Personal loan?

The initial thing to be done when contemplating to apply for ICICI Bank personal loan would be  to check the eligibility aspect. It can be done over the web by logging onto the official site. 

Loans are offered by this bank for a period of around 12 to 60 months, with the maximum amount varying, depending upon if the person is self-employed or a salaried employee.

How to check the eligibility for availing ICICI Bank Personal loan?

For existing customers: 

Being an existing customer, you have to check if any pre-qualified offer is available. This is to be done simply by having your debit card, loan account or credit card number entered on the site. 

Moreover, you can use the EMI calculator tool present on the site to heck if the offer fits your needs. After performing the eligibility check, the EMI is to be calculated and the application finalized. 

Then the requisite documents are to be scanned and uploaded, the application completed and submitted online.

For new customers: 

The eligibility tool can be checked online to verify if you qualify with regards to age, employment and income, years in profession/job. In case, you are self-employed, several details are to be entered about your profit after tax, turnover, and business stability so as to find your eligibility.

You can also call up the helpful and co-operative customer care to find out the eligibility factor or visit the help desk present at any branch to get the details.

Steps to check ICICI Bank Personal loan eligibility:

  • Visit the page to check eligibility - https://loans.icicibank.com/personal-loan.html.

  • ICICI Bank personal loan application

  • Enter the city, Date of Birth and Type of employment and further details.
  • Click on the button 'Loan Eligibility'.
  • Once you decide to apply, complete the application online by giving the required details.
  • Upload the required documents.

Few Important documents requiring to be submitted:

  • Self-employed are to submit residence and ID proof, bank statements and income proof.
  • Salaried employees are required to submit residence and ID proof, salary slips, photographs and bank statements.

Tips to follow while applying for applying for ICICI Bank personal loan:

  • Having a copy of credit report obtained to check current credit score. Emphasis is placed upon this by lenders to approve your ICICI personal loan application. You are to have 750+ score for being eligible to get a personal loan.
  • Poor credit history or score would mean rejection. Improve your score over time including weak areas present in the credit profile, before planning to apply for any loan. This way, you can improve your approval chances and easier access towards future credits.
  • Interest rates are to be checked and determined if all loan repayments can be made on time. Personal loans generally come with higher interest rates. Hence, it is essential to plan the EMI repayments accordingly to avoid credit health damage.

How to check Icici personal loan application status?

Once your personal loan application is submitted, you can have the status checked online by using the given application number. Within few days of having the documents submitted, you can know the approval or rejection of your application.

Steps to follow for checking status of your ICICI Bank Personal Loan Application online:

Step 1: Visit ‘Check Loan Application Status’ page - https://apsweb.icicibank.com/LoanAtClick/BeforeCheckStatus.do.

ICICI Bank Personal loan applications status online using reference number

Step 2: 

To check or track the status of ICICI personal loan status using reference number, enter the reference number. You can search using form number too.

Step 3: 

If you have forgotten your reference number, then you have to enter the following details like:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Product
  • Loan Amount Requested
  • PAN Number

Once the details are entered, you should click the submit button, instantly upon which you are provided the current status of your personal application with ICICI Bank.

There is separate ICIC credit card customer care service. ICICI has a wide range of credit cards that you can choose for your various needs. You can check ICICI credit card status very easily.

Hope you find the article 'ICICI Personal Loan Application Status Online' useful for you.

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